TOP 10 things to do in Sitges

1. Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally (March 3rd and 4th)


The Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally arrives on March 3th and 4th in its 60th year. It will be departing from Barcelona on Sunday 4 March at 11:00 A.M. to arrive at Port d'Aiguadolç Marina at 12:00 noon.
Afterwards, the motorcade will drive around the streets of Sitges on its way to the final meeting place, in the area set aside at La Fragata square, at the foot of the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla Parish Church, where the vehicles will be on display until 17:00.


The Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally is organized by Foment de Sitges (Sitges Promotion), the Sitges Town Council and the Barcelona City Council, and is sponsored by L'illa Diagonal, RACC and Menkes, with support from Pere Ventura Cavas.

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2.  International Patchwork Festival (8th to the 11th March)


Once again this year, from 8th to 11th March, Sitges will become the world capital of Patchwork and welcome a wide variety of activities related to this sector. The trade show, which will take place in a marquee tent located at the La Fragata beach this year, will be attended by all the main sector brands. In addition, there will also interesting workshops, talks and world-class exhibitions.


Exhibition venues:


Miramar Building
Vidal Studio
Casino Prado
Ave Maria Foundation


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3.  Art Fair (17th and 18th March)


Once again this year, Sitges will be welcoming the Art Fair on March 17th and 18th. More than seventy artists will come together at this 1,100 m2 trade fair to display and sell their work. 


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4.  Sitges Rock Trail (17th March)

The 4th edition of the Sitges Rock Trail will be held on March 17th, a race through emblematic locations around the Garraf Nature Reserve.


There are two options to choose from:


1a The 25 km Sitges Rock Trail with a 1000 m height difference, allowing you to enjoy unusual and surprising views of Garraf.
2a The 12 Km Speed Rock with a 370 m height difference, allowing you to savor the Garraf Nature Reserve’s hidden charms.


Starting point: Rocar Park at 09:00


Organized by: Centre Excursionista de Sitges


Visit the website:


5. Sitges Scrap+ Fair (23rd and 25th March)


For the sixth year running, Sitges is hosting the Sitges Scrap + Fair from 23rd to 19th March. Admission is free to this 1,100 m2 plus trade show where you can enjoy and purchase the latest in scrapbooking, participate in workshops and try out the latest techniques, as well as enjoy exhibitions. All these options in a nice, 100% Scrap setting.


This year the marquee tent will be located at La Fragata Beach.


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6. Maricel Complex Centennial 


2018 is the centennial of the Maricel architectural and artistic complex. Initiated in 1910 with the conversion of the former Sant Joan Hospital into the residence of the American industrialist, art collector and philanthropist Charles Deering. The engineer and art critic, Miquel Utrillo, was in charge of the construction design and direction, which lasted until 1918.


Since its initiation, Maricel is one of the most characteristic architectural and artistic examples of Noucentisme and today, it is one of the most outstanding cultural and patrimonial ensembles in Sitges, and on a national level as well. The 1918-2018 Maricel Centennial has been declared one of the national commemorations for 2018 by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.


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7. Try Sitges Xató (November 2017 to April 2018)


From the month of November to the month of April, you’ll find the traditional Xató winter salad at many restaurants in Sitges. And if you’d like to enjoy it in the purest Sitgetan style, order it along with a selection of assorted omelets.


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This year’s ambassador, chef Oriol Castro from the Disfrutar Restaurant, just won his 2nd Michelin Star.

8. Family Tourism in Sitges


Taking a walk around Sitges with the family is sharing experiences and enjoying the proximity of the sea, the seafront boulevard, shopping and leisure venues like the Terramar Gardens, Can Robert Park, Hort de Can Falç and Can Ferratges, seaside swings, mini-golf, the skate-park, paddle boats at the beach, climbing spaces, horseback and pony riding, and basketball courts and soccer fields. The museums offer special discounts and proposals for children in order to get to know the local traditions and culture.


9.  Activities and the Museums


The arrival of 2018 will mean the return of the monthly, guided tours of the Sitges parish church, including a visit all the way up its bell tower.

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10. Go out for a day of shopping in Sitges


Shopping is an essential part of Sitges’ tourist services on offer, having such a wide variety of top quality establishments. Most of the businesses are small shops with a family atmosphere and unique products, which steer clear of all the standard options. Establishments looking for originality and modernity. Plus the town has free opening hours and many establishments open on both Sundays and holidays.
The main shopping area, with shops especially dedicated to fashion and accessories, is found around the streets in the center of town.





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