TOP 10 things to do in Sitges

During the upcoming weeks we recommend you don’t miss out on...


1- Sitgestiu (July and August)


Summer at Sitges’ Museums fills the calendar with different musical initiatives and itineraries around the town’s heritage, some with a brand new format. Opera, Classical music and Jazz are the featured musical offerings, while the nighttime routes around the Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum, the guided tours of the Maricel Palace and the three exhibitions that are currently open make up the program to bring our heritage closer to visitors. Sitgestiu is supplemented with six children’s workshops also related to Sitges’ patrimonial suggestions in a joint initiative between the Town Council’s Culture Councillorship and Museums of Sitges.


2. Blue Summer Nights at the Museums - Blue Summer Nights at the Museums (July 12th to August 22nd)


Once again, the night’s charm and mystery will be pervading every corner of the Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museums. Guided nighttime tours have been added to the cultural options offered by Museus de Sitges (Sitges Museums) for the summer months. They will be every Wednesday from July 12th to August 22nd, from 22:00 to 24:00.


This new event has been baptized with the name Blue Summer Nights at the Museums: a journey through arts and heritage. The tours will be offered in Catalan, Spanish and English. The three groups will begin their tours simultaneously, but from different starting points in the Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museums and, from there, they will follow parallel circuits to finish up all together at Racó de la Calma (The Quiet Corner), where participants will toast with a glass of cava.


Capacity is limited to small groups of twenty people maximum. Tickets for Blue Summer Nights at the Museums will cost 12 Euros and can be purchased both at the Museus de Sitges reception desk and via Internet at their website.


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3. Concerts de Mitjanit (July 15th to August 14th)


From July 15th to August 14th, this year’s new Concerts de Mitjanit (Midnight Concerts) will be taking place in the Port de Sitges Marina’s auditorium. It is a fresh, dynamic festival with different repertoires ranging from live music concerts to opera or film screenings.
Admission is open to all and free of charge.
Time: 23:30




1 - Saturday 15 July - 23:30
SCARBEATS. Beatles live


2 - Sunday 16 July - 20:00
Verge del Carme with Ultramar. Maritime Procession + Habaneras + “Cremat de Rom” (Flambéed rum)


3 - Friday 21 July - 22:00
Il trovatore. Initiative promoted by the Gran Teatre del Liceu.                       


4 - Saturday 22 July - 23:30
Gemma Genazzano. Smooth Soul


5 - Friday 28 July - 23:30
WOM.  Jazz - Pop


6 - Saturday 29 July - 23:30
Grand Lyrical Night. Maria del Mar Humanes (soprano) - Xavier Aguilar (baritone) -  Máxim Shamo (piano)


7 - Friday 4 August - 23:30
Barbara Perez. Soul - Oldies


8 - Saturday 5 August - 23:30
Sitges Big Band. Bossanova - Jazz - Swing


9 - Friday 11 August - 23:30
Anita Zengeza. Soul - Folk


10 - Saturday 12 August - 23:30
Mariana Amaral. Bossanova - Samba


11 - Sunday 13 August - 23:00
Sitges Film Festival. Fantastic short screening


12 - Monday 14 August - 23:30
Loka Linda. Soul - Pop


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4. Terramar Gardens Festival (July 28th to August 5th)


The symbiosis between culture and festivals is one of the central concepts of today’s Sitges. The Terramar Garden Festival is born with the aim of, and commitment to, reinforcing this circumstance and, at the same time, becoming a point of reference for the intense cultural lineup hosted here during the summer months in a unique, emblematic venue like the Terramar Gardens.




- August 1st - FANGORIA
- August 3rd – ARA MALIKIAN
- August 4th – MAYUMANA
- August 5th – MIGUEL POVEDA


LA LA LAND in Concert will be in charge of opening the prestigious Sitges Terramar Gardens Festival. The premiere of the official Tour was in Los Angeles on May 26th and the town of Sitges will be the first and only Catalan city where you can enjoy this great international production live with a symphony orchestra and over 50 musicians while the movie is shown on the big screen.
Also performing at this Festival are, Fangoria, the legendary Spanish electronic music group lead by Alaska. Ara Makilian, the Lebanese violinist, with is boundless musical inquisitiveness that has led him to achieve his great international prestige. Mayumana, interpreted by an extraordinary cast of artists who sing, dance and play all of the instruments to create the rhythmic and visual miracle that sets them apart from the rest. Miguel Poveda, the Spanish Flamenco singer, will be in charge of closing out this first year of the Festival.


Tickets can be purchased at and prices range from 25€ to 70€.


5.  Mare de Déu del Vinyet (August 5th)


Mare de Déu del Vinyet Day is August 5th. At 8:00 and again at 11:00 in the morning, Mass is held in of the Mare de Déu (Mother of God) and in front of the chapel, there are different events throughout the day, like Sardanes (traditional folkloric Catalan dances), a small fair and later, when it gets dark, a symbolic fireworks display.


6.  68 Sitges Swim Crossing (August 6th)


The 68 Sitges Swim Crossing will be taking place on August 6th at 09:30. This Sitgetan competition is one of the oldest in Catalonia and is included as an event in the official calendar of the Catalan Swimming Federation. Place: La Fragata Beach - Passeig de la Ribera Boulevard


• Short crossing: 300 mts.
• Medium crossing: 800 mts.
• Long crossing: 2.200 mts.


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7. Sitges Festa Major  (18 to 26 August)


The Festa Major or the main annual fiesta, a festivity declared to be of national interest, takes place from 18 to 26 August. The pregoner, who is the reader of the opening address, kicks off the celebration when he reads the Festa Major Proclamation; every August 23rd at 12:00, the entrance of the grallers, traditional Catalan horn players, marks the start of the fiesta�s most intense 36 hours. Immediately afterwards, at 14:00, the sky is filled with gunpowder from the firing of 23 mortars and the ringing of bells, announcing the start of Festa Major.
From that moment on, the fiesta grows more and more intense with gegants (giants), cap-grossos (big paper mach heads), the drac (dragon), diables (devils), the �liga (eagle), bastons (stick dancers), cercolets, pastorets, panderetes, cintes, gitanes, moixiganga (all traditional dances) and human towers parading around different streets in the center of town.
The night of the 23rd at 23:00 is the Fireworks Display, declared an event of national interest. This is the busiest and most popular event during the whole Festa Major.


8.   Good weather is coming. Enjoy Sitges’ beaches

Sitges has 26 beaches including small, peaceful coves, larger, family-oriented beaches, and more urban beaches with views of the historic center, located by the seafront boulevard. It offers more than 18 kilometers of coast with beach bar services, toy libraries, sun loungers, sunshades and umbrellas, sports facilities, massage services, sailing schools, water activities and beaches awarded with ISO 14001, Emas and Sicted certifications.

9.   Vias Bravas


The Vies Braves sea swimming lanes are a public network of marine and open water routes designed for sporting, leisure and educational activities. These routes, which run parallel to existing footpaths along the shore, are marked with signs and buoys to allow you to safely explore the coast from the sea and for free.


In Sitges we have a Via Brava joining the Anquines and Home Mort Beaches, a 2 km long route that passes through the Colls Miralpeix area, known for its great natural interest.


For those who like to discover nature, along the via brava you can snorkel and explore an exquisite, naturally rich seabed.


For those who are sports lovers, you can swim while enjoying an exceptional natural environment.


For triathletes and swimmers, the Vies Braves are the ideal place for open water training.


For more information and to check out the calendar of scheduled free activities, check the following link:




The Carme (Virgen Carmen) festival and the best Beatles covers open the Midnight Concerts


The Carme (Virgen Carmen) festival and the best Beatles covers open the Midnight Concerts


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Sant Bartomeu, Sitges `Festa Major´


Sant Bartomeu, Sitges `Festa Major´

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