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Thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains and its mild, temperate climate, in Sitges it’s possible to do many different outdoor sports. We have: 26 beaches, 1 nature reserve, 3 marinas and 1 private golf course right on the seafront, the second oldest in Catalonia.

A sample of the activities you can enjoy are; sailing, windsurf, kayaking, kite- surf, surf, scuba diving, 4x4, equestrian sports, climbing, quads, golf, trekking in the Garraf Nature Reserve, relaxation, yoga at the Buddhist  monastery and horseback riding.


The Vies Braves sea swimming lanes are a public network of marine and open water routes designed for sporting, leisure and educational activities. These routes, which run parallel to existing footpaths along the shore, are marked with signs and buoys to allow you to safely explore the coast from the sea and for free.


In Sitges we have a Via Brava joining the Anquines and Home Mort Beaches, a 2 km long route that passes through the Colls Miralpeix area, known for its great natural interest.


For those who like to discover nature, along the via brava you can snorkel and explore an exquisite, naturally rich seabed.


For those who are sports lovers, you can swim while enjoying an exceptional natural environment.


For triathletes and swimmers, the Vies Braves are the ideal place for open water training.


For more information and to check out the calendar of scheduled free activities, check the following link:

Yearly Events

  • Winter Swimming Crossing & Aquathlon
  • Sitges Half Distance Marathon
  • Ophiusa Sitges –Formentera Regatta
  • Sitges Triathlon Sprint
  • Beach Rugby 7x7
  • Sitges – Ciutadella Regatta




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