Gastronomy and shopping

Tasting fish and rice-based specialties from Sitges’ cuisine, along with other avant-garde, contemporary dishes, makes for a unique experience for the taste buds. Its traditional Xató is a cold dish made with escarole lettuce, chunks of desalted codfish, salted tuna, anchovies and arbequina variety olives. This salad is served with a dressing made of garlic, almonds and hazelnuts, anchovies, blanched nyora peppers, fried bread, chili pepper, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

The renowned quality of wines with the Garraf Designation of Origin label and Malvasia, Sitges’ traditional sweet wine made from the grape variety of the same name and classified as a Slowfood bastion, also invites us to enjoy the pleasures of fine dining.


Shopping is a fundamental part of Sitges’ tourism options, thanks to the wide variety and high quality of its stores. Most are small shops with a family feel and unique products, while avoiding conventional shopping options. These are establishments committed to being original and modern. In addition, Sitges has flexible opening hours so many are open on Sundays and public holidays. 

The main shopping area, with many shops specially devoted to fashion and accessories, can be found on the streets in the town center.






Sitges strengthens the bridges that unite it with Ireland


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 Collective exhibition:  `Ànima Mediterrània´


Collective exhibition: `Ànima Mediterrània´

May 25