2017 Festivities and Events Calendar


January - December. Last Friday of every month: The Month’s Issue (Sitges Museums)


January 5th. The Three Kings Parade


January 15th. Sitges Half Distance Marathon


February 23rd – March 1st. Carnival. Parades: Sunday 26th and Tuesday 28th


March 4th and 5th. Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally


March 9th – 12th. International Patchwork Festival


March 17th – 19th. Scrap+ Sitges. Scrapbooking Fair (Handicraft)


March 30th - April 9th. Sitges Tapa a Tapa


April 1st and 2nd. Art Fair


April 9th – 17th. Easter (Holy Week)


April 17th - 23rd. Estrella Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open


April 20th - 23rd. Jazz Antic Sitges Festival


April 23rd. “Sant Jordi”. St George Day (Book and Rose Day)


May 5th - 14th. Malvasia's Week


May 5th and 6th. Sitges Next. Communication and New Media Innovation Festival


May 7th. Sitges Electronic Park


May 13th. “Posa’t la gorra” (Solidarity Project)


May 18th. International Museums Day


May 19th and 20th. Lumen Sitges Festival


May 27th and 28th. International Vintage Microcar and Bubblecar Meeting


June 8th- 12th. Sitges Gay Pride


June 17th - 25th. Corpus Festival. Sunday 18th, Flower Carpets


July 7th - 9th. Poetry Festival


July 16th. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festivity, patron saint of sailors


August 5th. “Mare de Déu del Vinyet”, Celebration at the Vinyet Sanctuary


August 18th - 26th. “Festa Major de Sitges”. Sitges’ main Annual Fiesta in Honour of “Sant Bartomeu”, The Town’s Patron Saint. On the 23rd Fireworks


September 1st – 11th. International Bears Sitges Week


September 22nd and 23rd. “Santa Tecla”, Small City Feast of Sitges. On the 22nd Fireworks

October 5th – 15th. Sitges, International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia


October 7th and 8th. Grape Harvest Festival & Wine Tasting Experience


October 26th - 29th. Creative Connexions. Irish Catalan Arts Festival


November 23rd - December 3rd. Sitges Tapa a Tapa


December 1st - 3rd. Sitges Christmas Festival


December 15th - 17th. Winter Market Sitges


December – January. Activities in the framework of Christmas Holidays



The Sitges Town Council is not responsible for any  possible changes in the dates or cancellations of the activities included in this calendar




Sitges strengthens the bridges that unite it with Ireland


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Winter Market Sitges


Winter Market Sitges

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